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As the love of Middle Eastern Cuisine continues to grow at a rapid pace across Ontario and Canada at large, Habiba Shawarma emerges as a very happy and warm brand. For all those with a passion to succeed, Habiba Shawarma will be an ideal prospect. Take advantage of our expertise and we will hand-hold you till the end.


Thank you for your interest in the Habiba Shawarma’s franchise. Please review our Ideal Franchisee Profile below. If you find your qualifications meet our requirements, please continue by filling in the interest form below.


We are looking for individuals and companies that have the following traits and experience:

  • Proven hospitality experience (food service, including QSR, CDR or fast-casual, preferred)
  • Compatible core values
  • Proven track record of operating in hospitality systems
  • Infrastructure dedicated to support development
  • Local knowledge and expertise in the areas of consumer preferences, real estate, government regulations, labor, and distribution issues.

Operation And Training

Our franchising system is built on the belief that Habiba Shawarma can only be as successful as our franchisees. We believe that by providing the right operating tools a strong franchisee should be able to succeed.

Habiba Shawarma provides a two-week training program for new franchisees and their restaurant management team, Training consists of classroom style and in-store training at one of our training stores in Toronto. In-store staff training begins one week prior to opening with the arrival of a store trainer who will assist in staff selection if necessary, and all in-house staff training.

The trainer will provide on-going support for one week post-opening, at which point the restaurant is assigned a Field Support Team member for dedicated operational support. They ensure that our franchise team has everything they need to operate a restaurant.

Habiba Shawarma provides you with the tools to help you in your business by providing support in operations, training, advertising, marketing, food and equipment purchasing. Our head office team is there to assist you with the varied aspects of your operation and provide support within a collaborative business environment.

Financial Requirements

The cost of purchasing a Habiba Shawarma varies depending on size, location and trade demands. However, the restaurant concept is currently focuse3d toward 1,200-1,500 square foot locations, which cost approximately $125to $175 per square foot to build or $150,000 to $265,000.

In addition to the above, franchisees will be responsible to fund start-up inventory (approximately $10,000), franchise fee ($20,000), and will need sufficient reserve to fund operations throughout the start-up period.

Habiba Shawarma will be taking a 5% royalty on all sales and each franchisee will be responsible to pay 2,5% into the national advertising fund and will be expected to spend an additional 1% of sales on local store marketing.

In order to keep your restaurant in excellent condition throughout your team as a franchisee, you will be required to refresh your store to Habiba Shawarma standards at the 5 years mark of your 10 years franchise agreement.

At the end of a 10-year term, the francisee, if they wish to continue with Habiba Shawarma will have to enter into the then current franchise agreement and update the store to the then current standard.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the square footage and size of a typical Habiba Shawarma restaurant?
Square footage is typically 1,200-1.500 square feet.

How much is the franchise fee?
The franchise fee is $20,000.

Is the franchise fee refundable?
Yes. The deposit is fully refundable until a project has been identified, approved, all required due diligence has been completed and a Lease and/or Franchise Agreement have been executed.

What is the term of the Habiba Shawarma franchise agreement?
10 years with an option to renew for a further term once a then current franchise contract has been signed and the store has been updated to the then current standards.

What is the royalty structure?
Royalties are 5% paid on gross sales. An additional 2.5 on gross sales pard to our co-op advertising funds by all fracnhisees, as well as 1%, to be spent on local store marketing.

Does Habiba Shawarma assist with financing?
Following the approval process, our franchising department will consult with you and one of our preferred lending institutions. After the lending requirements are met, we will guide you through the application process.

What rates can I expect to get from the lenders?
Our franchising department will work with you throughout the negotiation process to finalize these terms. As the loans are with the bank and completely independent of Habiba Shawarma we can not guarantee a rate, but typically, if one uses the Small Business Loan criteria, then interest will be somewhere between 1.75% to 3% higher than the Prime Rate. Better rates are certainly available by using a more conventional method of financing.

How is the real estate deal structured?
Restaurant space is usually leased, although we are happy to discuss locations already owned by the operator. Typically due to the smaller footprint and desired high traffic location, a straight lease is preferred. Habiba Shawarma Inc. will take the head lease and sub-lease to the franchisee.

What type of locations do you offer?
We prefer high traffic locations near office buildings, universities and popular retail strips.

How long is the wait for approval?
Approval takes about 3-4 weeks. The process is that after we review your application, we conduct a background and financial review of the application followed by a personal interview. We may refuse any application for any reason and will only take on those we believe can be a successful match to our concept.

How long does it take to build a restaurant after approval?
Typically the process runs about 4-6 months in total, from approval to opening day. This can be delayed due to a variety of circumstances outside of our control, however, our history suggests that 4-6 month timeframe is realistic.

What are the next steps?
Download and fill in the application form and forward it to Habiba Shawarma head office.

Selection Process

The selection of new Habiba Shawarma Franchisees is an important decision involving an extensive interview/approval process. For mutual success and satisfaction, we must ensure that each Franchisee has the necessary entrepreneurial drive, dedication, financial means and management skills that are needed in today’s very competitive marketplace. In the Habiba Shawarma franchie system, the selection of the best people, coupled with comprehensive training program and ongoing operational support are the building blocks that will create ongoing success.

Habiba Shawarma’s acceptance of an application should not be interpreted as an approval or guarantee if becoming a Franchisee.