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Our Menu Label

We are a ‘Fast Casual’ Middle Eastern cuisine bringing
delight to all taste buds

Yousef Bani founded Habiba Middle Eastern Cuisine after 15-years as partner and CEO of Ali Baba Restaurants, a chain, which he personally developed into a family of 19-restaurants.

In early 2013, CEO Yousef Bani decided that he wanted to create a new restaurant company that offered great ‘fast casual’ middle eastern cuisine, a market that is virtually unoccupied. The new concept called Habiba Shawarma is built on the concept of serving fresh, healthy and delicious meals, made to order.
Since 1999 Yousef and his team have been involved with all aspects of the business including design, construction, menu development, site selection and franchisee training and development. This hands-on leadership style is a key part of the success story, and as partners of Habiba Middle Eastern Cuisine, they will continue to provide this level of support while operating the business on a day-to-day basis.